“I treat everyone here as I would myself or my family”

Dan Grobler

What to expect?

A Biokineticist can give you exercises to be done at home to support treatment, or advise you about posture, nutrition or any other factors that will speed up your recovery process.

Does this sound like you?

“I have pain”

Pain has many causes. Where these pain complaints occur deserves a thorough investigation. Dan often treats people who have already attempted all other options

“I cannot do things anymore”

“I feel limited in my daily function”
To get back to things, you have to be able to move! Biokinetics can help with that.

“I want to get rid of my pain”

“I have waited long enough, time heals all wounds, but not fast enough”

We have the solutions in three easy steps

Initial Consultation

1 hr for Adults / Children
* Book by appointment only
Please bring the following with:
List of medication
Reports of relevant Investigations into your pain or injury
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Follow Up Consultation

45 minutes / 1 hr
Usually planned 4-7 days after Initial Consultation
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Exercise Rehabilitation Session

30 – 40 minutes
Personalised exercise rehabilitation session
Focusing on the cause of the injury and relieving pain
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Payment and Cancellations

For your convenience we have onsite card payment facilities.
We kindly ask that if you’re unable to attend your appointment that you provide us with a minimum of 24hrs notice to avoid being charged for the full session.